The Number One Trigger for Homelessness?

Gary Arthurs

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The Number One Trigger for Homelessness?

While drugs, alcohol, and mental illness can contribute to homelessness, the number one trigger cited is simply the loss of a job. 

Ben is a young man, 24, who has been homeless twice already. Shortly after joining our Thursday step study, we discovered Ben was struggling to find work and on the verge of being homeless a third time. Through your generous donations, we paid for his first month’s rent at a shelter. We then began a four-week job search project, coaching Ben on searching for work, while he reported his progress weekly. After three weeks Ben found a job, and he now pays his own rent. This job search coaching is a new tool we are using to mentor men, help them gain employment, and end the cycle of homelessness.

Thank you for helping make this possible!

Weekend Number 5

Weekend Number Five!

This past June 3rd-5th at Camp Mohawk in Alvin, TX we teamed up once again with Open Door Mission to provide weekend number five for men in recovery. These weekends can be likened to surgery and intensive care, followed up with daily rehabilitation (mentoring) and weekly check-ups (step studies). I was honored again to help deliver some of the lessons, along with one of our mentees and graduates, Charles Dotson.

Moving forward, one of our biggest needs is to find more men who can join us as mentors and sponsors for men in recovery. We invite you to join us as we seek God’s will and provision in this area.

Thank you for your partnership in this outreach!


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