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Gary Arthurs

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Why a new ministry and focus? The short answer is, this is what we feel God calling us to do, so we’re stepping out in faith and doing it. Here’s more of the story.

This year we started partnering more with Open Door Mission. Open Door Mission is a faith and evidence based recovery and rehabilitation facility dedicated to transforming the lives of the most severely addicted, destitute, homeless and disabled men in the community …and they do just that.

This spring I started mentoring one man in particular who is battling an addiction to alcohol. For the sake of confidentiality I won’t mention his name. Statistics and experience reveal the following…

man drinking alone
  • Men are three times more likely than women to abuse alcohol
  • Women account for 82% of all single-parent homes
  • Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression.

Many men are trapped in addiction, leaving a mother who is effectively single, and children who are essentially fatherless. With that said, it is understandable if women are statistically twice as likely to suffer from depression, and the above statistics should come as no surprise.

Now imagine a man who has decided to take responsibility, admit his problem with addiction, and get help. We probably all know someone who has struggled to find a job. Now imagine trying to find a job with no transportation, no college education, and a felony on your record. Some men have never received a high school education and are working hard on their G.E.D. Then imagine you find a minimum wage job and spend several hours a day on a bus or over 30% of your earnings on cab fare. These are some of the challenges many men face to break the cycle, stay motivated, and start over.

Men at ODM

This summer I helped with a weekly Bible study for men at Open Door Mission and Isaiah House. Isaiah House is a transitional facility (“half-way house”) for men who have graduated from Open Door Mission.

One thing is apparent if you spend any time at the Mission or Isaiah House. The men there are anything but “bums”. I have met chefs, artists, and even a CEO. I learn from every man I meet and count it a privilege to hear their story and walk beside them. As we help these men learn to live by faith, make wise decisions, and build healthy relationships, we are helping impact them, their wives, their children, and everyone they influence.

Please note our account code “LegacyBuilders.GMA”, on the memo portion of your check. We appreciate you and look forward to updating you again soon.


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