What Does It Mean to Be Free?

Gary Arthurs

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What Does It Mean to Be Free? 

Imagine you have fallen into quicksand. You are stuck and it looks hopeless. At this point willpower is not enough; you need help.

Fortunately, someone hears your cries and provides a way out. You are now free from the quicksand, but you are not free from the threat it still poses. If you do not watch your step, you could soon be in the same predicament again.

10-2016-1This is what it means to be free from an addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, anger or some other “hurt, habit or hang-up”. Being free does not mean we can let our guard down and “check out”. We must learn, make changes, and intentionally follow God down a new path. We invite you to join us in praying for men to stay on the path of freedom.

Weekend Six

Weekend Number Six!

This past month, September 23rd-25th, we partnered again with Open Door Mission to help host weekend number six at Camp Mohawk in Alvin, Texas. I was privileged again to teach some of the lessons. An even greater privilege was seeing Charles, one of our mentees and graduates, maintain his sobriety and continue as one of the weekend teachers with me. Charles also helped mentor several men one-on-one at the weekend and has a real passion to help men understand how they can maintain their sobriety.

We invite you to pray with us for a new group of men coming out of this weekend. Trey, Lester, Austin, Ray, Roberto and many others. These are capable men with much to offer once they begin working through their addictions, build a team of mentors and supporters, and then begin the twelfth step of helping others.

Thank you for partnering with us!



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