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Gary Arthurs

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This is a seedling. It is also a Redwood tree. Some interesting facts about Redwoods…

  • They are the largest trees in the world
  • Some are over 2000 years old, alive when Jesus was on earth!
  • Over 300 feet tall, their roots are only 6 to 12 feet deep


How can Redwoods be the tallest trees in world and survive high winds for hundreds of years with such shallow roots? The key? They don’t go it alone. Redwoods survive, and thrive, because they extend their roots out, instead of down, making strong connections, living in groves with other Redwoods.


Men at one of the Tuesday Isaiah House dinners.As we continue launching this next chapter of ministry, my heart is to help men take down their “walls”, make strong connections, and live in healthy “groves” with other men.

As we continue working through partnerships with Open Door Mission, Isaiah House, and others with a “recovery” mindset, I have the privilege of seeing “groves” of men form.

The authentic and real fellowship with broken men continues to be refreshing.

This summer I helped with a weekly Bible study for men at Open Door Mission and Isaiah House. Isaiah House is a transitional facility (“halfway house”) for men who have graduated from Open Door Mission.

One thing is apparent if you spend any time at the Mission or Isaiah House. The men there are anything but “bums”. I have met chefs, artists, and even a CEO. I learn from every man I meet and count it a privilege to hear their story and walk beside them. As we help these men learn to live by faith, make wise decisions, and build healthy relationships, we are helping impact them, their wives, their children, and everyone they influence.


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