One Day of Training for a Marathon?

Gary Arthurs

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One Day of Training for a Marathon?

Can you imagine running a marathon? Some of you can. Can you imagine running a marathon with only one or, at the most, a handful of days in training each year? Looking back on my own journey of faith, I can now see this is a trap I fell into many times, attending an “incredible event” or hearing a “dynamic speaker” in hopes it would “fix me” once and for all. I am humbled at how silly that now sounds even typing it.

Can you imagine running a marathon?

Beyond “Getting Started”

“Epic” events such as an incredible conference, dynamic speaker, or even an intense trial can provide a source of inspiration, or even a wake up call to start down a new path. While this is true, experience also teaches us that sooner or later we all come down from the “mountain top experience” feeling like our “spiritual high” has worn off. While an “epic event” can be what we need to get started, we need something more to keep going.

Weekly Meetings and Daily Check-Ins

We have regular small group meetings with men at least three time a week. Some men need a daily check-in with their mentor. Even still, I (Gary) find some men checking in with me as their mentor or sponsor even several times in one day. Frequent check-ins are something I have learned to understand and welcome in the early days of a man’s recovery. If a man is doing the work, and taking the initiative to stay connected, I am honored to be the person he reaches out to for help. William (see photo) is a veteran who recently lost his marriage and almost his life after an automobile accident last year. He is persevering and trusting God through some very tough times right now. Thank you for helping us bring renewed hope to men like William.


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