The “Feeding of the 5000” … in Houston

Gary Arthurs

JUNE, 2016
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“The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children.”
– Matthew 14:21

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus fed about 5000 people who were far from home, without food, and searching for hope. Every night in Houston there are over 5000 people who are more than “far from home”, they are homeless, without food, and searching for hope.

Recent statistics reveal this number is closer to 6900 and the vast majority of these are men. Furthermore, over 92% of homeless veterans are men.

A Hurting Young Man … A Homeless Veteran

06-2016-1Jose is one of the most fearless men I know. He is also one of the most kind and humble men I know. Jose will also be the first to tell you that was not always the case. He grew up in a loving Christian home, but when he was thirteen years old he discovered he was adopted. Trapped by the lie that he was unwanted, he felt ashamed. At age fourteen he started drinking. This led to abusing pain pills, smoking marijuana, using cocaine, dealing drugs, a life of violence, and … homelessness.

When We Reach a Man, We Reach His Family

Instead of being homeless, the last several months Jose has been part of our Saturday morning men’s recovery group at the mission. When I asked Jose if he would consider sharing his testimony at a meeting, in true “marine-like” fashion he did not flinch and said he would be honored. “God breaks people He wants to use”, is what he told me and others present that morning. I also had the privilege of speaking with Jose recently before he reunited with his three-year old son. I’m not sure who was more excited and nervous. Jose is graduating soon, will be training to become a millwright, and is planning to stay actively involved in ministry. Thank you for helping us reach men like Jose.


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