Truth is stranger than fiction

Gary Arthurs

JUNE, 2015
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We can’t become until we belong

Earlier this year I met Vincent. It was his first time in our small group and he was having a very difficult time adjusting to a lifestyle of recovery. He had just arrived at the mission, after being separated from his family, and had not made many, if any, friends yet. The new rules felt confusing and unfair to Vincent. He made it abundantly clear he felt like walking out and giving up that night. I put the lesson aside, and we just let Vincent talk. At the end we prayed and then I introduced Vincent to a few others before going home that night. A few days later I saw Vincent again. He had decided to hang in there and stay. He thanked me for everything I did for him. It was a reminder that simply listening can be everything to someone who needs it.


Addiction is “Me”. Recovery is “We”.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. Addiction is “me” and recovery is “we”. Those were the words of the speaker that Saturday morning at our “big group” meeting.

What happened next was interesting to say the least. As we were all listening, we heard a car crashing outside the room. If you’ve ever heard a car crash, you understand that the sound is unmistakable.

Immediately several men ran out to see what had happened. One of them was Vincent. To make a long story short, the driver was a young man involved in drugs, and in the midst of it all, had crashed his car in front of the mission. He was bleeding badly and tried to run away, except Vincent got to him first, encouraged him to stay, and get the help he needed. The young man stayed and got help. I think of Paul’s words, “He comforts us in our troubles so that we can comfort others.” Thank you for helping make this possible. 


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