A Wild Ride in My Engine Compartment

Gary Arthurs

JULY, 2016
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A Wild Ride in My Engine Compartment


On May 19th I left downtown Houston late in the evening after a graduation at Open Door Mission. I drove approximately 30 miles to our home in Katy. When I pulled into the driveway I did not see anything but when I got out of my car I heard something. That “something” was a tiny kitten (approximately 1 1/2 pounds) that I found, only after looking in my engine compartment. Surprisingly, besides shaking like a leaf, she made it without injury. In addition to being the epitome of vulnerable, helpless and cute, she ended up being a special gift to our oldest daughter, Rachel (she had another cat that unfortunately died recently). All that to say, for the last month we have had a new edition at our house with a story to tell about a “wild ride”.

“Blossom” a few days after we found her in my engine compartment.

“Blossom” a few days after we found her in my engine compartment

The End of a “Wild Ride” for Herbert

07-2016-2Herbert is in my Thursday step study and will be the first to tell you his current stay at Open Door Mission is his seventeenth program to date. He is very humble, and quick to mention how much he has to learn. The truth is, Herbert is a very knowledgeable, able and gifted communicator. This became evident when I asked him to consider giving one of the lessons to our Saturday morning big group. Honestly, Herbert “blew us all away”. He is a great example of someone who is very capable, with a lot to offer, but much of this up to now has been eclipsed by an ongoing battle with drugs. As he finds freedom from this, it is exciting to see his God given unique talents and abilities coming out. We invite you to join us in praying that Herbert, and men like him, would continue to find freedom and walk in the good works that God has for them. Thank you for your partnership in this outreach!


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