Where did the time go?

Gary Arthurs

JULY, 2015
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Where did the time go?

07-2015-2Last month we celebrated Rachel’s graduation from Katy High School. How time flies. It does not seem long ago that I (Dad) jogged ahead of the bus that took her to kindergarten the first day, only to have Rachel get off the bus and ask with a smile (like the one in the picture to the left) “What are you doing here?”


07-2015-1Rachel is now a gifted artist and has won numerous awards for her work. Recently she was honored at a Katy ISD Board Meeting for a first place award she received for her art at the state level.

More Beautiful than Her Art

We are blessed and humbled to be Rachel’s parents. As time goes by I see how much less we teach Rachel and how much more we learn from her. More beautiful than her art is the kindness, compassion, and loving attitude that Rachel extends to others. We are excited to see how God will continue using the gifts He gave her. 

Ready to Take the World On

Rachel has served our ministry for a while now, helping edit and prepare our newsletters every month. This fall she starts college to pursue studies in art and business. The encouragement to go and “be a dad” has actually often come from the men in our ministry. When I have to miss to be with my daughter, they tell me I am not letting them down, but rather encouraging them by being an example. Thank you for helping make this possible.


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