Saying Goodbye

Gary Arthurs

January, 2017
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This last December, we said goodbye to two special people in our lives, Bert Ellis and Sharon Millerman

Bertram “Bert” Ellis – 1943-2016

Bert was a member of our advisory team from the time we started Legacy Builders. When I stepped into a new role and found I would be speaking more, Bert was there to offer wise counsel, advice, and encouragement. When our ministry began growing Bert advised us to look within, to the men we are reaching, for the manpower we needed. Bert’s voice and encouragement are some of the reasons we have former addicts now helping us teach and lead other men.

There is much more we would like to share but above all, I remember one thing Bert shared with me several years ago; if at all possible, extend grace to other people.

Bert Ellis

Martha Sharon Millerman – 1942-2016

After a long journey through several health issues, we recently said goodbye to Michelle’s mom.

Martha “Sharon” Millerman passed away on December 15th. In our home, we simply knew her as “Mimi”.

Sharon was a very accomplished nurse, serving as an assistant director in the Intensive Care Unit, helping train other nurses. During her career she worked in several other areas including cardiac care, cardiac rehab and the newborn nursery. When Rachel (our first child) was born, Sharon was there working at the hospital, and gave her first bath.

As a single mom who often had to work twelve hour days, and miss traditional Sunday services, she confided in us there were times she found it difficult to connect and feel accepted by others at church. A few years ago when we shared with Sharon that we were shifting our ministry towards those that felt left out due to “messy” lives, I remember she encouraged us, saying she thought what we are doing is a really good thing. We invite you to join us as we thank God for these two special people in our lives.

Sharon Millerman


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