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Weekend #3

This past December 4th-6th, in partnership with Open Door Mission, we helped host “Weekend #3”! I was able to attend with the men from my Thursday group. These continue to be significant memory makers and times of deep impact for men involved in “step studies”. It was a treat to see Charles, one of my mentees, continue to step up as a leader at the weekends, mentoring men in his own small groups.

Helping Men Lead Other Men

Helping Men Lead Other Men

It continues to be a joy to work with Charles, one of my mentees. We talk daily, and sometimes more. That may seem like a lot, but it is all worth it seeing him celebrate an entire year of sobriety just a few days ago/ Despite his excitement for helping other men find the same freedom, it is encouraging to see Charles humbly refer to himself as a “baby” learning to walk again. On top of battling for his own sobriety, Charles recently Charles with a Mentee at ·weekend ff suffered an appendicitis and found himself in ICU after complications. He is now out of ICU, but still in the hospital as I type this. Please pray for Charles and his recovery, spiritually and physically.

His Christmas Wish Came Truel

I recently spoke with a friend struggling to pay their bills and fearing  repossession of a vehicle. While I truly sympathize, I gain a new perspective after spending time with men like Arthur /one of my mentees). He is trying to rebuild his life from nothing, after ten years of homelessness and unemployment.

Arthur now has a job working at the Houston food bank! He simply asked for a bike he could nde to work, and a rain slicker” 1n case 1t rained. Through your Just before Christmas generosity we were able to make his Christmas “wish” a reality. Thank you for helping make this possible.


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