A Story of Survival

Gary Arthurs

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A Navy Seal’s Story of Survival … and Recovery

William is a Navy Seal. After serving his country, he returned home and shortly thereafter almost died in a head-on collision with a Mack truck, yes literally a Mack truck. After fighting for his life in the hospital, and literally almost dying again (coding twice), he recovered to discover he was also losing his marriage. 

02-2016-1With almost nothing left, and feeling hopeless, William found himself in a homeless shelter in Houston, Open Door Mission. On top of this, despite the collision being an accident (as would be shown later), this also resulted in William being charged with a crime … and two traffic tickets.

God had other plans … Hooyah!

William became part of my Saturday morning men’s group several months ago. Imagine feeling hopeless only to find out you are headed to prison unless you can find a lawyer and your way to New Jersey, not just once, but three times to appear in court. This was a crash course in community and the power of God. God did just that, making a way where there seemed to be no way. Through your generosity, we were able to participate significantly, helping William with all three trips. As I write this, just earlier today I received a text from William with the good news. Instead of going to prison, he is now coming back to a new job and a new life. I told William he is to be commended for the “hill he took back” by trusting God with his needs. William replied with one word, “Hooyah!”. That is how a Navy Seal says “it’s time to celebrate”. 

A Personal Thank You from William to You

 “I would like to extend a thank you for the gift cards and resources you generously donated to help with my trips. They came in handy and I couldn’t have made the trips without them. I want to extend a special thank you to Gary for being there for me in every capacity, he is truly a man of God and I consider him to be a great friend and brother in Christ. The outpouring of generosity keeps my faith going, let’s me know that people do care, and seeing God’s work is truly amazing to me! Once again I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, and look forward to meeting you one day, and paying it forward one day when I am able to.”

Love your brother in Christ, William


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