Thank you for a fabulous first year

Gary Arthurs

AUGUST, 2015
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We Thank God for Your Partnership

This past month marked the close of our first year in this new outreach. What a blessing to have a great team of ministry partners. Thank you. We also started the year with the support of a very well-run parent organization. Additionally, we benefitted greatly from a very wise and encouraging advisory team. With these key pieces in place, we established a clear mission, vision and plan for reaching men who are homeless and in recovery. With our first year closed, we look forward to issuing our first annual report soon.

Our second weekend meeting

“The joy I felt was ‘palpable’. I can’t explain it. I felt like a little kid again, just fishing and enjoying life in my neighborhood, except without any of the dangers”.
– Vincent

Charles teaching at our second men’s weekend

Reaching Men Who are Now Reaching Others

We just hosted our second weekend in partnership with Open Door Mission, July 17-19 at Camp Mohawk south of Houston. At these weekends we help men identify how they have been hurt, hurt others, and how they can take next steps of faith in making amends. Vincent (see above quote) felt like giving up a few months ago, but he did not. He is still at the mission and said he is now very focused on reaching out to new men so they can experience renewed hope like he did.

Charles is another man I have been mentoring closely this year. He is a graduate of Open Door Mission as well as the Celebrate Recovery Program I help lead at the mission.

Charles attended our first men’s weekend and came back as a graduate to help teach at this past weekend. It’s been said one of the best ways to help yourself is to help others. Thank you for helping Vincent and Charles do just that. 

Arthur Graduated!!!

Like Vincent and Charles, Arthur is a man I have mentored closely who also attended our first men’s weekend. Arthur is now a graduate of Open Door Mission, and a graduate of the Celebrate Recovery program I help lead at the mission.

When I met Arthur he had been homeless and without work for almost ten years. Through your generous donations, we were able to cover the necessary fees to request the records needed to re-establish Arthur’s work history. Arthur now has a very professional resume reflecting all of this and is actively pursuing employment again.

Your generosity also recently helped provide special assistance to Arthur in the form of bus fare, clothing, and household items as he transitions to a new life. These are very big steps for Arthur. Please join us in praying for God to provide just what Arthur needs when he needs it.

Because of your generosity all of our ministry expenses were covered this first year, with about 75% of our budget covered through regular monthly donations and 25% covered through one-time and other special gifts. These funds not only help reach men, but also help launch men as they take next steps of faith trusting God with their housing, employment and other special needs involved in rebuilding their lives.


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