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APRIL, 2017
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Weekend Number Seven!

Oh, how time flies. This past February we helped host our seventh men’s weekend in partnership with Open Door Mission. I was honored to be asked to teach again.

This event continues to be a very refreshing time for the men, leaving them with renewed hope. One of the most difficult, yet most rewarding steps in recovery is making a list of everyone you have hurt, and everyone who has hurt you, and then beginning the process of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Because this can be so challenging, but also very pivotal, we have these weekends to intentionally help men work through this step. Please join us in praying for more men who have graduated and can help lead and teach other men.

“Blossom” a few days after we found her in my engine compartment

Can You Sew? We Need Help.

Men in recovery come in all shapes and sizes. Similarly, donated clothing comes in all shapes and sizes. Volunteers with sewing skills may not be a need you hear a lot about, but it is indeed a very real need for the men we are working with.

Meet “Mrs. Barbara”. The picture to the right captures her love for the men as well as their appreciation for what she does to help them have clothes that fit and feel comfortable. Right now she is the only seamstress at the mission and has made it abundantly clear that she would be delighted to have other volunteers who can join her.

No supplies are necessary. If you have time once a week, once a month, or just want to hear more, please contact us for more information. Thank you again for partnering with us and helping make all of this possible.





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