Finding Peace in the Storm

Gary Arthurs

APRIL 2015
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Finding Peace in the Storm

I always thought it was harsh when Jesus calmed the storm and then said to His disciples “you of little faith”. Now I believe Jesus was being more loving than I realized. He took care of his disciples in the moment, but he was moving them toward a deeper peace that was “within”. Jesus knew real peace comes from quieting the storm inside us. This is the goal of the Thursday “step study” group I lead.

Peace in the storm


Mentoring Mondays

Gary and ArthurJust show up and listen. This is what I tell other men about mentoring. It may sound too simple, but you might be surprised how much flows naturally when you start by simply listening. In February I was privileged to be able to speak to the men at our church. From that, two more men stepped up to be mentors. Pray for me as I seek to mentor these new mentors.


Deeper Work at “Retreat #1”!

It was a treat to join with the leadership of Open Door Mission to provide “Retreat #1”, a place for men to do deeper “root issue” work around their addictions. Here are the words of some men who attended.

“It helped me understand my addiction more by talking to people”.

“…this was the top, bar none, spiritual experience of my life”.

Thank you for helping make this possible. 


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