Mentor a MAN

Mentoring is part of discipleship. Men are simply looking for someone who will listen and someone who cares. Men with mentors are far more likely to succeed. If you can simply show up and listen you are well on your way to helping change another man’s life.

Mentor a Man
Share Your Story


We are often comforted by others who gone through similar trials. Sharing your own story of recovery can go a long way in helping a man believe there is hope for him too. If you have recovered from an addiction to drugs, alcohol or from other issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, or co-dependence we invite you to consider sharing your story at one of our weekly meetings. We welcome testimonies from men or women who have a story of recovery.

Lead a GROUP

Weekly group meetings are the backbone of what we do. Discipleship is not about being incredible but rather about being available. These weekly touch-points are where men go deeper and work the steps in their recovery. All of the material and training you need can be provided on site. If you are interested in learning more about leading a group please contact our office or visit one of our weekly meetings.

Lead a Group
Teach a Lesson

Teach a LESSON

When we help others we help ourselves. One of the best ways to go deeper in your understanding of something is to teach it to others. Teaching forces us to have greater clarity. Teaching a lesson can be a recurring or one-time commitment. Having a variety of teachers gives men greater opportunity to connect with someone who “speaks their language”. We are looking for others who can help teach step studies to small and large groups up to 100 men or more. The basic outline and material needed to teach the lesson will be provided. If you have who graduated from Celebrate Recovery, have your own story of recovery, and would like to help with teaching, please contact our office for more information.




Each week we partner with Isaiah House in an outreach dinner to men who are in recovery, recently graduated, or trying to continue their walk after many years of sobriety. These outreach dinners are highly relational times where men can enjoy great food, open discussion, and find a break from the more intense work of weekly step studies. This is a great opportunity for a Sunday school class or small group to take on as a project and have a shared experience. You can underwrite a dinner with a suggestion donation of $250 or prepare and serve the food yourself. These weekly dinners average around 40 to 50 people. If you would like more information please contact our office.


Cater an Outreach


There is a constant stream of men and clothing that comes in all shapes and sizes. We need others who can provide simple mending and hemming of donated clothing and welcome all of the help we can get. If you can help one day a week for a couple of hours it could go a long way in helping the men have clothing that fits and helps them feel confident. This is also a great time to fellowship with others as you mend clothes together.


Regular monthly donations help stabilize our operations
and allow us to spend less time fundraising and more
time reaching men. We are looking for ministry partners
who share our desire to make a difference in this world
by impacting men, their families, and the communities
they live in.

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Give Monthly

Special gifts allow us to fund new programs and expand our outreach

  • $50 helps cover bus fare for one man for a month.
  • $250 covers household supplies for a man in a new home starting over.
  • $500 funds a job search for a man looking for employment.

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Want to make a non-cash donation?